BOOST Network members support youth across the Paso del Norte region, by offering OST programming in Southern New Mexico, El Paso County, and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

All members have a common commitment to providing high quality services. Our BOOST Network members offer different programs that include before and after-school programs, summer programs, and so much more.  


We've highlighted some of our members below. Learn more about the impact our members are making across the region.

BOOST Network Profile: FEMAP

For over 46 years, FEMAP (Salud y Desarrollo Comunitario de Cd. Juárez, A.C.) has been working to improve the quality of life, health, and economic conditions of residents in Ciudad Juarez through our hospital, nursing school, and community centers. We are intentional about not only bringing the community into our spaces, but proactively reaching out and creating programs that residents can benefit from, including young Juarenses.


Our youth programs range from workshops on healthy activities and sexual behavior to arts programs to our premiere “FEMAP en Conexion,” an OST program that offers after-school and summer programming to youth between the ages of 5 and 16 that live in some of Ciudad Juarez’s most marginalized neighborhoods. Given the economic and social uncertainties that these young people experience, we provide creative and engaging programs - including sports, dance education enrichment, and leadership development programs - that keep youth safe and connected to mentors in their community.

As an active BOOST Member since 2016, FEMAP has come to rely on this network and others in the OST community, to strengthen our summer programs and build a strong referral network with other providers. Our participation in the network benefits the youth in our programs because whenever they move or spend their summer vacation elsewhere, we are able to connect them to other BOOST Network members nearby and keep them engaged in OST programming. 

“There are many groups in the region that do similar work as ours. The important thing is for us to learn from each other. When we share these experiences, we can create a network so more youth can be connected, if one person changes address, then we know partners that can serve them in other parts of our region. Or we might know someone that moves to El Paso, then we can connect them with our allied partners there” - Maria Eugenia Parra, Directora de Área de Niñas, Niños y Jóvenes

BOOST Network Profile: Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest

The Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest serves close to 2,500 girls from kindergarten through high school in southern New Mexico and West Texas, with more than half of our members living in El Paso.  By engaging young girls in community service, outdoor activities, exploration, and entrepreneurship programming year-round, the Girl Scouts is empowering girls in the region to tap into their leadership potential, gain life-long skills, and give back to their local communities. Participants also gain some impressive badges along the way. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Girl Scouts can learn, volunteer, and stay fit by participating in virtual activities with their troops.  We also offer financial assistance so that all girls who want to participate can do so regardless of their financial situation. 


The Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest has been a member of the BOOST Network since 2015.  The BOOST Network has enabled our organization to take a leadership role in the Paso del Norte’s OST community. The BOOST Network has provided our employees with professional development opportunities and allowed the organization to tap into communities that have not been previously served, so more girls can engage in our programming. 


“We are proud to participate in the BOOST Network,” said Iris Maraboto, Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest’s Director of Mission Delivery. “Through it, we get to communicate with other groups doing similar work in Cd. Juarez and Las Cruces and to take advantage of so many opportunities, outlets, and tools that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. It is enlightening to be in contact with so many different groups that all have the same goal: serving youth.” 

BOOST Network Profile: La Rodadora

La Rodadora was established as a community hub where residents from Ciudad Juarez could gather, learn about the ecosystem that surrounds them, and celebrate the unique immigrant history and culture of the city.  Our museum is as much a celebration of the past as it is of the future. We engage youth, from preschool to college, through after-school and summer programming focused on three areas: workforce development, leadership development, and community service. Youth participate in workshops on public speaking, skill building, and how to be agents of change, as well as engage with the interactive exhibits within the museum. Since 2013, over 2,300 youth have gone through our “Rodis” program.


La Rodadora has been a BOOST Network member since 2015, and had a representative on the steering committee from 2017 to 2019. Through our participation in the BOOST Network, we have been able to improve the programming we offer to young folks by having open conversations with other OST providers about the challenges youth in Ciudad Juarez face and ways to meet those challenges. Additionally, we have been able to build a network of trusted partners that are all working towards the same mission of preparing youth for a productive future.

“The BOOST Network brings unity to organizations that are working with youth. Many times we are so focused on the youth we serve that we forget about the bigger picture we are trying to solve for.  Participating in BOOST Network meetings and events allows us to share ideas, work through challenges, and know that there are others working with us to improve the lives of young people in our community.” - Melida Gamboa, Coordinator of Social Services and Capacity Building

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