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Arte en el Parque A.C.

BOOST Network Member Profile

Arte en el Parque A.C. is a nonprofit organization with 23 years of presence in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. Arte en el Parque has the conviction that art and cultural manifestations generate spaces for community encounters, promote coexistence, strengthen the sense of belonging to the city and our community, and lead to a better quality of life.

Arte en el Parque works with children and youth and their families sharing artistic experiences through cultural festivals, art fairs, film screenings, theater presentations, music, dance, reading promotion, exhibitions of plastic arts, creation of crafts, photography and artistic development workshops. Arte en el Parque also serves senior citizens, with activities that contribute to the exercise of the right to make, express, and share art and culture in Cd. Juarez. This is done through their vast array of programs such as the continuation of signature-programs such as Arte en el Parque Fest (Art in the park fest), Arte en Tu Parque (Art in your park), Arte en tu Empresa (Art in your workplace), and through the generation of new projects of social impact, such as Comunidades Juarez (Juarez Communities), Nos Vemos en el Cine (we’ll see you at the movies), y Acompañarte.

The mission of Arte en el Parque A.C. is to promote and defend cultural rights through programs and public policy advocacy in Juarez. Arte en el Parque prides itself on being one of the biggest promoters of art in all shapes and forms in our community.

“It is exciting to be one of the newest members of BOOST, since in the network we have found goals and objectives similar to our organization. We enjoy participating in the meetings and workshops, and we want to continue participating in order to continue to grow together” – Lizbeth Ruiz, Arte en el Parque Executive Director.


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