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We Are One

BOOST Network Member Profile


We Are One is an organization that was born in the search of supporting the areas of sustainability, environmental education or social-emotional learning, which are often not addressed in schools and the educational system. Children are dealing with large amounts of stress and anxiety at a very young age, and the repercussions of this are becoming more and more apparent. Our society has a large disconnect with nature, thus, We Are One decided to take action and create a program dedicated to the importance of children's connections to nature and their own bodies, minds, and souls. All of this became a priority when the co-founders who shared interest in these issues became mothers and wanted to take action in support not only for their children but the community as a whole.


We Are One offers year-round afterschool programs for Pre K 3 through 5th grade focused on environmental education and social emotional learning with fun hands-on activities such as ecology, composting, resource conservation, gardening, meditation, affirmation and breathing techniques, emotion recognition and yoga. Currently, We Are One offers out-of-school programming at Tippin Elementary School, Milam ES, Cherry Hill School, Trinity-First Day School and Western Hills Elementary School.


Through We Are One fun curriculum and activities, participants learn crucial life skills such as empathy, self-awareness of emotions, communication, problem-solving, impulse control, confidence, critical thinking, team work, healthy food knowledge, positive body image, self-respect and others, and learn to love, understand, and care for nature as well as their own selves.


We Are One understands that their quality afterschool program gives parents the peace of mind that their children are in a safe environment located in the same facilities they drop them off, and their children are learning new skills while they wait for their parents to finish their workday. We Are One wants to eliminate barriers associated with costs, transportation, and access by partnering with schools supporting the financial stability of families ensuring their children are participating in enriching activities at no additional cost to them. 



“We are very excited to say that we have been active members of BOOST Network for a year now. We understand the importance of having a community with ample resources and opportunities that can support our goals and mission and we believe BOOST can and will be an important partnership in our business development. “


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