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El Paso on Bikes

BOOST Network Member Profile

El Paso on Bikes is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting healthy, active lifestyle in the young population of our region through the responsible use of bicycles. Its mission is to empower children through cycling, and its vision is to encourage the whole border community to lead healthier lives.

Why bicycles?

  • Bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation, particularly for short distances within a city. Teaching kids how to responsibly ride a bicycle empowers them with an alternative way of transportation for school, after class activities, and meeting with friends.

  • Bike riding as a sport has the potential to bring kids into a healthy lifestyle of appropriate nutritional habits, proper sleep, discipline and willingness to work for their objectives.

  • Bicycles are friendly to the environment by reducing gas emissions, city noise and traffic, and raising awareness of the impact of trash on the street.

  • The sport of cycling also has the potential to take kids outside of their usual social environment, an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and see the world beyond what they are used to.

El Paso on Bikes offers yearly summer camps teaching children how to responsibly use their bikes, fix simple and regular maintenance problems such as a flat tire, tips and tricks to help them navigate their city, and overall bike safety among other topics. Their summer camps and events are in person only, and the venue varies year to year. Any kid ages 8 to 11 can participate, additionally, they offer a shorter version of the camp for kids 5-7 where they teach them how to leave their training wheels behind, proper balance, safety and above all, confidence in their riding abilities.

El Paso on Bikes also brings other programs to the community, such as one day cycling classes, Dia del Niño celebrations during April, and family group rides. Additionally, they partner up with different local cycling organizations to create a kid version of their events, with school districts to help create cycling activities and presentations, and with cycling shops for other cycling related events. All of the information can be found on their social media and website.

“We just joined the BOOST network this year, and we are extremely excited for the new opportunities that this partnership can provide. The BOOTS network is a great resource for the community, and we are proud to be able to participate in their program!” - Norma Rivera

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