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Centro de Estudios Industria 4.0 AC

BOOST Network Member Profile

In 2011, during a time full of violence and insecurity that filled the streets of Ciudad Juárez, the company Repinel Electric introduced, with the support of Robotica Educativa de México, Robotica Educativa (Educational Robotics) in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua with the dual purpose of being used as a tool to promote education and to keep children away from the streets and the violence that surrounded the city. A year later, 437 youth are served at the UACJ (Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez) at the Institute of Arts and Design. In the same year 2012, the organization participated in a Social Integration Fair to serve people with disabilities from the CRIT (Children's Rehabilitation Center Teleton) in the city of Chihuahua capital. Similarly, in 2013, with the support of the US Consulate, the educational robotics program continued to be taught in schools throughout different areas of the city of Juarez, identified by the SEP (Public Education Department) as USAER (Regular School Support Service Units) which serviced youth with disabilities and where more than a thousand students received training and programming.

In 2014, leveraging partnerships formed, the organization continued to offer educational robotics for 2 semesters at UACJ with the participation of 80 children ages 6 to 14. In this same year (2104) their summer camp program was solidified offering programming at the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Cd. Juárez. Over the years, the organization continued to achieve high-impact collaborations with the SEP and Repinel, benefiting 1,591 students from 7 public schools. Through a needs analysis of young graduates from CONALEP technical high schools, the organization identified a need to develop and provide workshops on the fields of electricity, electronics (software and hardware), and PLC (programmable logic controllers). This worked allowed them to be certified by the State of Chihuahua Institute of Training for Work, which gave birth to the Repinel Educational Center to provide the workshops. In 2018 the Repinel Educational center became a nonprofit organization the now known as Centro de Estudios Industria 4.0 A.C. (CEI 4.0).

At CEI 4.0 they value and capitalize on collaborations, as proof of this since 2018, they have participated in different projects and with different organizations such as YOUTECH Borderplex, the Educational Window of the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, Comité de Ayuda Mutua (Mutual Aid Committee), Techno Camp of the Chihuahua State Government, DIF, Fondo Unido Chihuahua (United Way Chihuahua), FECHAC, the Network of Business Associations and Foundations, and recently in 2021 collaborating with the BOOST Network through participation in workshops, training, and events. Through these efforts, CEI 4.0 has had a presence in more than a dozen schools, and positively impacting more than 600 children and youth.

CEI 4.0 has out-of-school time (OST) programming and educational robotics courses for all ages starting with UARO for preschoolers for children ages 4-7, Robokids for elementary school children ages 6-9, JR for children ages 10-13, and Robomaster for middle and high school youth ages 13-18.

Adriana Parada, executive director of CEI 4.0 shared that "Educational Robotics uses the STEAM methodology as its main component, through which we have witnessed several benefits such as expanding the capacity of mental abstraction, developing logical thinking, enhancing critical thinking and leadership skills, stimulating creativity and a collaborative spirit, increasing oral and written expression skills as well as the developing the youth’s interest in science, technology, and manual skills. In CEI 4.0 we share with BOOST Network that the OST space is where children and young people can reinforce life skills and the required knowledge while making productive use of their free time”.

For more information about CEI 4.0 programs and services, visit their Facebook page here.


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