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BOOST Network Member Profile

For over 40 years, Insights El Paso has been making science fun by promoting hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education through exploratory, interactive learning experiences. While our programs are designed to reach community members of all ages -- if you’ve participated in a “Nerd Night” at a local bar or restaurant, you’ve seen Insights in action -- most of our offerings are specifically designed for youth in grades k-12.

Insights engages youth in many ways. We bring science to the streets through activities like our mobile museum. We offer new and adapted exhibits from our former bricks-and-mortar science center at pop-up events and community venues across the region, such as schools, state parks, Chihuahuas' games, and even the Monster Truck show. During the pandemic, Insights also offered virtual STEAM workshops with projects for students to complete from home, and now that students are back in school, we have partnered with Clint ISD to bring our innovative curricula into their classrooms. We also offer STEAM education through summer camps, after-school programming with partner organizations like the YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs of El Paso. And our popular DinoTracks Tour, which recently introduced an augmented reality app to help students and adults better explore our region’s natural history.

Insights El Paso has been a member of the BOOST Network since 2019 Networking with other quality OST providers in the region is a wonderful way to share resources and develop best practices. The BOOST Network was especially helpful during the pandemic as we worked to figure out how to best provide virtual programing. Because all OST programs were all going through a similar transition, we were able to learn from each other. Moving forward, we are looking forward to working with other BOOST members to create partnerships that lead to more innovative and creative learning experiences and an enriched array of STEAM learning opportunities.

To learn more about Insights El Paso and to check out the full range of our programs and events, check out our website at

“It’s been great to meet other organizations that provide OST programming and learn what challenges they experience,” said Meghan Curry, Executive Director. “Insights is at an exciting transition point in our development and growth. We’re delighted to be hiring again, and we’re looking forward to scaling up our programs across the region. I know that we’re going to be relying on the BOOST Network and its professional development and relationship-building resources as we work to get staff hired and trained and expand into new locations and partnerships.”


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