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La Rodadora

BOOST Network Member Profile

La Rodadora was established as a community hub where residents from Ciudad Juarez could gather, learn about the ecosystem that surrounds them, and celebrate the unique immigrant history and culture of the city. Our museum is as much a celebration of the past as it is of the future. We engage youth, from preschool to college, through after-school and summer programming focused on three areas: workforce development, leadership development, and community service. Youth participate in workshops on public speaking, skill building, and how to be agents of change, as well as engage with the interactive exhibits within the museum. Since 2013, over 2,300 youth have gone through our “Rodis” program.

La Rodadora has been a BOOST Network member since 2015, and had a representative on the steering committee from 2017 to 2019. Through our participation in the BOOST Network, we have been able to improve the programming we offer to young folks by having open conversations with other OST providers about the challenges youth in Ciudad Juarez face and ways to meet those challenges. Additionally, we have been able to build a network of trusted partners that are all working towards the same mission of preparing youth for a productive future.

“The BOOST Network brings unity to organizations that are working with youth. Many times we are so focused on the youth we serve that we forget about the bigger picture we are trying to solve for. Participating in BOOST Network meetings and events allows us to share ideas, work through challenges, and know that there are others working with us to improve the lives of young people in our community.” - Melida Gamboa, Coordinator of Social Services and Capacity Building


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