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Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso

BOOST Network Member Profile


The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso has been in the Segundo Barrio Community since 1929. They have grown to have 9 different locations across our city and serve 4 different school districts. Their mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

To achieve this goal, club members engage in several daily after school programs and/or summer programs activities that support them reaching their full potential. Programs such as Power Hour, a homework help and tutoring program targeting members ages 6-18, with the goal of increasing academic success to better prepare Club youth to enter the workforce and higher-education institutions with the skills they will be needing to compete globally. Supported by Career Launch, a job-readiness and career preparation program for teens, which is designed to support youth in preparing for their first job, internships, and summer employment. Or, Reading and Math Exact Path, which allows students to receive self-paced lessons designed around skill-based adaptive education content. Exact Path activities, and its mastery quiz allows the program to automatically update content in each student’s individual learning path based on their progress, and permits staff to monitor outcomes and results to best support them.

Boys & Girls Club of El Paso understands the value of socio-emotional learning and their programming reinforce this skillset so that children can develop healthier while increasing their soft skill abilities. Programs like SmartGirls, which focuses on address positive self-image and encourages girls to articulate who they are and what their value is. Or Passport to Manhood, designed specifically for adolescent males to promote their social and personal development while teaching positive values, moral behaviors, and social responsibility. Positive Club Environment, a collective evidence-based approach to build social-emotional skills in young people. Boys & Girls Club also relies on Triple Play, a suite of three Targeted Programs intentionally written to build the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors essential to an overall healthy lifestyle.

During the summer, Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso also offers fun activities including but not limited to horseback riding, swimming at Tennis West, visiting local art museums, receiving special guests at the club and much more.

All of these services for children and teens are offered at different locations to reach a larger number of people, including Club Canutillo, Club Clendenin, Club Magoffin, Club Delta, Club Janacek, Club Ross, Club Petty, Club Sunrise Mountain and Club Whitaker. Boys & Girls Club of El Paso, also leverages partnerships with all four of the school districts they have programs at, to provide their children and youth with a daily meal through their In Club Food Distribution program. For details on where to find a club, go to:

“We come together to maximize opportunities and resources to better serve children after school. As we were facing challenges during the pandemic, the BOOST Network and United Way helped with opportunities and solutions, and overcoming obstacles. We have been members for 5 years. To best serve children after school in this community, there isn’t one specific resource or organization that could do it all, all though BGCEP comes close, we realize that by working with other community partners we are better able to optimize resources and provide much needed support on multiple levels for children who need us most.” Evelyn Corral, Director of Field Operations, Boys & Girls of El Paso

Visit The Boys & Girls Club of El Paso website for more information and find more details about all the programs, locations, and services.


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