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Border Youth Athletic Association (BYAA)

BOOST Network Member Profile

Border Youth Athletic Association (BYAA) combines sports and academics to help low-income, high-needs students unlock their potential, stay in school, and achieve their goals of attending college. Since 2000, BYAA has helped more than 4,000 student-athletes in schools across El Paso and Doña Ana counties prepare for high school and college and has helped over 60 students earn college scholarships so they can pursue their dreams of a higher education.

BYAA sponsors several programs to reach young people who might be struggling in school. BASE Play RBI, an affiliate of Major League Baseball Youth Programs, is an after-school program for 4th to 6th grade students that provides academic support, homework labs, connects families to wrap-around services, and offers recreational baseball and softball to students in El Paso and Doña Ana Counties. Many students who were previously struggling academically have been able to increase their knowledge and receive passing grades because of this program. Another successful program, Chihuahuas NeXt RBI, provides student-athletes aged 10-19 with opportunities to participate in elite skill development leagues, including participation in Regional Qualifiers for the RBI World Series. Lastly, BYAA Prep Academy offers both middle and high school students intensive, personalized, and long-term academic support services to help them prepare for high school and college.

BYAA shares many of the BOOST Network’s core values, including promoting culture of excellence, valuing diversity, and believing that they—and the students that they work with—can continuously improve. BYAA also serves communities that, on average, have lower rates of high school and college graduation than other parts of El Paso, as well as lower household incomes. As part of BYAA’s wrap-around services, and in addition to working with individual student-athletes, the organization also offers enrichment programming for parents and community members.

To learn more about BYAA and its athletic and academic programming, visit

“The BOOST Network is a perfect partner as we share the same core values,” said Kim North, BYAA Executive Director. “Being a provider in the network helps us explore other groups and opportunities to collaborate with in order to achieve our goal in the community. Providing safe, effective and fun after-school support and enrichment, BYAA is proud to bring resources to the students that need it the most.“


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