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Nurturing your passion

BOOST OST Participant Profile: Stephanie Valle

Area of OST Focus: School based afterschool programs

During my time at Hanks High School, I loved learning and was a diligent student. I was also lucky enough to explore interests outside of the classroom, participating in afterschool activities that helped me develop many of the skills that I still use today.

One example is Theater Club. By being in theater, I learned how to project my voice, be aware of my facial expressions and body language, and command a presence before an audience – all things I still do every day anchoring. Working on two to three productions per year also taught me about the power of collaboration and the importance of giving my best every time I walked out on stage. In my view, there is still nothing better than working together with your cast and crewmates to produce something greater than any of us could accomplish individually.

In addition to theater, I was also involved in Student Council, which I had the honor of leading as president during my senior year. Student Council taught me how to to come together with my friends and peers to brainstorm and execute on a plan to achieve our goals. Of course we also had fun planning pep rallies and decorating the stadium. I loved seeing the reactions from our classmates and the faculty after we put on a successful event.

None of these afterschool activities would have been possible without the support and guidance from a trusted and dedicated adult leader. I am so grateful to all the teachers, coaches, and faculty sponsors who supervised these activities and supported me during my growth. They pushed me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and they helped me realize the potential they saw in me.

When anyone ever asks me about what helped guide my growth while growing up, I think about how afterschool activities helped shape my skills and ambitions. They guided me when I graduated from UTEP and started my career as a broadcast journalist. Working together to produce something for our families, friends, and classmates was a powerful experience that helped me find my path in life.

“Children need to explore their abilities and learn they have the power to shape their own futures. Afterschool programs provide youth with that safe and nurturing environment for them to learn, try new things, and find their passion." – Stephanie Valle, KVIA Anchor


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