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A Kaleidoscope of Skills in After-School Activities

BOOST OST Participant Profile: Michael E. Guerra Vice President of Guerra Investment Advisors

"Growing up, my after-school hours were a whirlwind of activities and programs, thanks to my parents' commitment to keeping my sisters and me engaged and participating in enriching activities. Often times it wasn't about a specific organization or activity; it was more about a combination of factors that made our experience wholesome. 

The YMCA played a significant role in my afternoons. Soccer, baseball, tennis, and swimming were just a few of the activities I got to engage and explore. Music was a constant in our household, leading me to join the Bell Choir in fourth grade and continue in Band throughout High School. The arts extended to the stage as well, with my siblings and me participating in the play, "The King and I." Scouts, was another integral part of my growing up starting as Cub Scout and achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, teaching me various skills and emphasizing both independent and team learning. I still credit many of my problem-solving skills to what I learned in Scouts.

My decision to join these organizations wasn't about a single draw; it was the accessibility, quality, variety, the network of friends, and, most importantly, the fun factor. The YMCA's easily accessible and affordable programs made it feasible for my parents, who worked full-time, to ensure we could participate. Carpooling with other parents and sharing responsibilities was a lifeline for working parents like mine.

Engaging in music, sports, and civic activities provided me with diverse sets of skills. Sports taught me the importance of being active, healthy competition, and teamwork. Music and performance arts not only made public speaking second nature but also fulfilled a creative aspect of my personality. Scouts honed my problem-solving skills and helped me discern my preferences in various areas.

Looking back, I didn't realize the full extent of the skills I was acquiring during those after-school hours. As I navigated through my educational and professional journey, I realized the significance of being well-rounded. The exposure to different activities cultivated a willingness to try new things and enhanced my problem-solving abilities.

To today's youth and their parents, I would advise exploring the opportunities available. Whether it's an extra music program at school, intramurals, or a reading club, many activities are within reach. Take advantage of every opportunity, as the results may not be immediate, but the cumulative effect will shape the person your child becomes. Encourage them to be active participants in their growth, fostering a well-rounded, open-minded, and collaborative mindset that will serve them well in the future.

I credit my parents for fostering an environment where sitting in front of the TV after school was not the norm. Instead, I learned to look beyond my immediate circle, appreciate teamwork, and develop a proactive approach to challenges.” - Michael Guerra, Vice President of Guerra Investment Advisors. 

Michael Guerra is Vice President of Guerra Investment Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory firm focusing on personalized portfolio and customized investment management for individuals, professional organizations, foundations, institutions, endowments and retirement plans. Prior to this, Michael served as the Chief Lobbyist and Vice President of Government Relations and Armed Forces for the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce.


Michael is also the Founding Director and former President of Progress321, a regional leadership and professional development organization. Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Sun Bowl Association serving as President during the 2024 year. He also serves on the board of The Hospitals of Providence East, the El Paso Chamber Foundation Board, as well as the Cubmaster of his childrens’ Cub Scout Pack, where he was awarded the ¡Vale la Pena! Award. Michael previously served as two-time President of the Amigo Airsho, Chairman of Leadership El Paso, and as a board member of Court Appointed Special Advocates, FBI Citizens Academy, and Creative Kids.

Michael is a proud El Pasoan. He is a graduate of the University of New Mexico where he received his Bachelor’s degree in business administration and his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso.


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