The Quality Self-Assessment Tool provides OST Providers with the ability to measure the integration of the seven (7) Characteristics of Quality Programs into their youth programs. Those characteristics are: safety, supportive relationships, meaningful youth involvement, skill building, community involvement, appropriate structure, and positive social norms.

Studies show that OST programs that integrate these seven characteristics are better positioned to cultivate long-term positive outcomes for children and youth. The results from this self-assessment will help providers measure their organization’s current state and future progress at incorporating and providing programs with the positive youth development approach. The assessment is available twice a year. It is available in May to assess OST programming during the school year and then again in August for summer programming. 


Appropriate Structure
Community Involvement
Opportunities for Skill Building
Physical & Psychological Safety
Positive Social Norms
Supportive Relationships
Youth Involvement

Congratulations to the following organizations who are already learning from their self assessment results.

Boys and Girls Club of El Paso

Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces 

Boy Scouts of America- Yucca Council 

Creative Kids  

FEMAP en Conexión 

FEMAP ValorArte 

La Rodadora Espacio Interactivo 

Organizacion Popular Independiente (OPI) 

This assessment was developed by United Way of El Paso County, in collaboration with the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. If you have any questions about the content of the assessment or need technical assistance related to the quality indicators, please contact Enrique Garcia at If you have any issues completing the assessment, such as the website not working or you did not receive an email with your findings, contact Christopher C. Villa at


The Paso del Norte Health Foundation may support one or more of your OST programs. Please be aware that your results of this self-assessment will not affect current or future funding opportunities. Results of all self-assessments will be shared with the United Way of El Paso County and the Paso del Norte Health Foundation to inform capacity building and technical assistance opportunities and inform strategic planning for the BOOST Network and Healthy Kids Initiative.

For more information, please contact Enrique Garcia at

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