In the fall of 2017, eight members of the BOOST Network, alongside an independent consultant-Dave Shavel, came together for a five month period to identify ways the Network could increase and enhance the delivery of OST programming in the region. This Action Team was tasked with the following:

  • Assess the BOOST Network’s membership to identify ways to support and enhance OST programming;

  • Develop a set of recommendations and action steps to be implemented by the BOOST Network leadership

2018 Action Team Members 



Recommendations from the Action Team:

  1. Focus Area: Organizational Capacity Building & Workforce Development
    Goal: OST providers in the Paso del Norte region  have sufficient tools, support and training to delivery high quality and safe programs and services.

  2. Focus Area: Funding and Sustainability
    Goal: Individual OST providers and systems have sufficient resources to provide appropriate and effective programs and services over a long enough time to achieve long-term outcomes.

  3. Focus Area: High Quality Programs and Services
    Goal: Programs and services are provided to youth that meet their age and developmental needs; are provided at times that are convenient for youth and their families; and are planned and assessed to ensure success in achieving desired outcomes.

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